The CacoReady 2 permeability Assay Kit is a ready-to-use cell-based assay for rapid Caco-2 in-vitro assessment of drugs’ ability to cross the intestinal epithelium.

CacoReady is designed to aid researchers and pharmaceutical companies in their evaluation of the oral absorption efficiency, oral bioavailability, and oral toxicity of drugs.

The Assay Kit has been proven to produce consistent and reliable results in multiple experiments performed by various users. Therefore, one can rest assured that the results are reproducible. CacoReady 2 is the premier in Cell Permeability Testing.

It proves cost-effective as it allows researchers to utilize the time they would spend creating their own Assay Kit to instead further their research.

The contents are designed for easy handling, and the process of using it is highly intuitive ensuring one will not have to waste time learning to use it. The CacoReady Assay Kit is an ideal tool for drug discovery and development.


CacoReady Applications

The CacoReady Assay Kit comes in two sizes:

  • 24 or 96 transwell insert plates seeded with 21 days differentiated and polarized Caco-2 cells on polycarbonate microporous filters.
  • The inserts are pre-configured and require no further preparation. We deliver our Assay Kits with a proprietary shipping medium, which allows for CacoReady to be shipped at room temperature.

CacoReady Applications

This Assay Kit has a wide range of applications.

FDA Requirements:

The CacoReady Assay Kit meets the four evaluation results required by the FDA, found here, for compounds evaluated from data generated by the CacoReady kits. These requirements are as follows:

  • Permeability Assay
  • P-gp (P-glycoprotein) interactions
  • BCRP (Breast Cancer Resistance Protein) interactions
  • Toxicology Studies


  • The most important benefit is, after incubation, the Assay Kits are ready to assay with your compounds on day 22 of differentiation giving reproducible results on a consistent timeline.
  • A primary benefit of CacoReady is that it is budget-friendly. The luxury of having all of the cell production management done offsite will save headaches, time, and money. Focus on your research, not the logistics.
  • Our on-demand ordering system allows you to schedule everything ahead of time so it fits your testing schedule without worrying about hiccups.
  • The Assay Kit is user-friendly so one does not have to deal with learning a whole new skill.
  • CacoReady is easy to handle so you won’t need special equipment or skilled operators saving money on the cost of automation.

Avail discounted evaluations now, and rest assured with our extensive testing experience that our results meet or exceed your expectations.

CacoReady in the Literature:

  • There are three papers available that demonstrate the suitability of Caco-2 cells for testing permeability in three separate drug developments. These papers demonstrate CacoReady’s effectiveness in evaluating drug permeability and provide additional information on the Assay Kit’s potential applications. Read More Here

Cell Permeability Testing Market:

  • The CacoReady Assay Kit participates in the Cell Permeability Testing Market, which is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years. For more information on the overall marketplace growth forecasts, refer to the following links: Science Direct; Global NewsWire; and Bloomberg.

The Value of CacoReady

  • The CacoReady 2 Permeability Assay Kit is an indispensable tool for researchers and pharmaceutical companies involved in drug discovery and development. It provides a reliable and cost-effective way to evaluate the oral absorption efficiency, oral bioavailability, and oral toxicity of drugs. Outsourcing enables researchers to concentrate on their research and ensures the viability of their work for publishing. The Assay Kit is easy to use and highly reproducible, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.
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CacoReady Chart

CacoReady Kit FORMATs Product Numbers
CacoReady 24 Transwell (Costar) KRECE-CCR01
CacoReady 24 Transwell (Millipore) KRECE-CCR03
CacoReady 24 Well (individual transwell) KRECE-CCR04
CacoReady 96 Transwell (Costar) KRECE-CCR50
CacoReady 96 Transwell (Millipore) KRECE-CCR52
CacoReady 24 Well (without transwell) KRECE-CCR02
CacoReady 96 Well (without transwell) KRECE-CCR51


What are the expected outcomes for the CacoReady Kits?

CacoReady allows conducting permeability assays (apical to basal or basal to apical) of established or unknown compounds to predict their absorption and interaction with membrane-associated proteins (MDR1-Pgp and BCRP)

Is the Assay Kit shipped at room temperature?

Yes – Since these kits utilize ReadyCell’s Proprietary shipping medium, these Assay Kits are shipped at room temperature anywhere in the world.

How long does shipping take?

These Cell-Based Assay Kits are made-to-order. All new orders are prepared on the following Monday, then shipped 14 days later, and received on day 16 or 17.

How do I use a CacoReady Assay Kit to assess a drug?

To use an Assay Kit with rapid Caco-2 in-vitro to assess a drug’s ability to cross the intestinal epithelium, first, you need to obtain the Cell-Based Assay, which comes with 24 or 96 insert-integrated permeable supports. They are seeded with differentiated and polarized Caco-2 barriers on polycarbonate microporous filters.

Next, you will prepare the drug sample and add it to the Assay Kit. The drug will then interact with the Caco-2 barriers and cross the intestinal epithelium, allowing for Cell Permeability Testing.

The kit provides four evaluation results pertaining to the compounds evaluated from data generated by the CacoReady kits, which the FDA requires: permeability assay, P-gp interactions, BCRP interactions, and toxicology studies.

After incubation, the Assay Kits are ready to assay with your compounds on day twenty-two. The results are highly reproducible, and the assay kit is user-friendly and easy to handle, making it adaptable to automation.

By using the Cell-Based Assay Kit, you can evaluate the oral absorption efficiency, oral bioavailability, oral toxicity, and mechanisms involved in oral and intestinal absorption of the drug. The Assay Kit is suitable for research on new delivery systems and studies of drug transporters and drug-drug interaction.

What are the three types of Assay Kit?

There are three main types of Assay Kits: colorimetric, fluorometric, and luminescent.

Colorimetric assays use a color change to indicate the presence of the molecule of interest, while fluorometric assays use fluorescence to detect the molecule.

Luminescent assays, on the other hand, use light emission to measure the amount of the molecule.

No matter which type of assay you need, it’s important to choose a high-quality Assay Kit that provides accurate and reproducible results. At [Company Name], we offer a wide range of Assay Kits for various applications, including drug discovery, disease research, and more. Browse our selection today to find the right Assay Kit for your needs.

What is an Assay Kit?

An Assay Kit is a laboratory tool used to detect and quantify a specific biological, chemical, or physical property in a sample. Assay Kits are commonly used in research and diagnostics to identify and measure analytes, such as proteins, nucleic acids, or small molecules. The Assay Kit typically includes a set of reagents, instructions, and standards that allow researchers to perform the assay with accuracy and precision. The CacoReady is a Cell-Based Assay designed specifically for testing drug transporter events.