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PreadyTake Mate1

A ready-to-use system for in vitro drug transporter evaluation.

  • HEK293-MATE1 (SLC47A1 gene) is expressed mainly in the apical membrane kidney and liver; and it plays an important role in drug disposition and exception mediating the efflux of diverse substrates, particularly of organic cations.
  • PreadyTake MATE1 is ready-to-use and consits of a tissue culture 96-plate seeded with transfected cells expressing MATE1 transporter as well as parental control cells.


  • MATE1 substrate assessment for direct transport studies.
  • MATE1 inhibitor assessment for drug-drug interaction studies.
  • Models the net active transport event of barriers such as liver and kidney.


  • Available on demand
  • Ready-to-use without in-house cell line development or acquisition and cell propagation
  • Transportation and storage at room temperature in proprietary shipping medium
  • User friendly and easy-handling system
  • High reproducibility
  • Adaptable to automation

Download PreadyTake MATE1 Technical Sheet

PreadyTake MATEO1 Chart

PreadyTake MATE1 Kit FORMATs Product Numbers
PreadyTake-MATE1 (96-Multiwell) KRECE-MAT50
PreadyTake-MATE1/CTRL 1:1 (96-Multiwell) KRECE-MAT51
PreadyTake-MATE1/CTRL Custom setup (96-Multiwell) KRECE-MAT60
PreadyTake-CTRL (96-Multiwell) KRECE-HEK50

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