Accelerating Drug Discovery with Innovative Cell-Based and Ready-To-Use Kits

Read-To-Use Kits for Drug Discovery

Adari Cell Science, in partnership with ReadyCell (Barcelona), aims to advance the field of drug discovery by providing cutting-edge, ready-to-use cell-based assays to companies and institutions across Canada and the United States.

Our innovative solutions empower scientists and researchers to accelerate their drug development process, leading to breakthroughs in medical science and the discovery of life-changing treatments.


Innovative Kits

Our comprehensive range of ready-to-use kits for transporters is designed to streamline your drug discovery process. Further, our tools are innovative cell-based and ready-to-use kits for efficacy and safety testing of active molecules as an alternative to animal testing for drug discovery.

Unique Shipping

Readycell’s patented shipping medium, a gel-like preservation matrix, allows for our cell-based assays to be shipped at room temperature with excellent stability.

Excellent Quality

At AdariCell, we prioritize quality and performance in every aspect of our assays. Each kit undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity to ensure they comply with ISO9001. We also adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure that our cell-based assays exceed industry standards.

Customer Support

Our dedicated team of experts is available to assist you with any inquiries, technical support, or troubleshooting needs. We value your research goals and strive to provide the guidance and assistance necessary to propel your drug discovery journey forward.

Our Product Line


A Cell Based Ready-To-Use kit for in vitro intestinal absorption evaluation.

PreadyPort MDR1

PreadyPort MDR1

The MDR1 efflux transporter has a ubiquitous tissue distribution, with a critical role in intestinal absorption, biliary and urinary excretion of drugs and the entry of active molecules into the central nervous system.

PreadyPort BCRP

24 or 96 transwell insert plates cultured with 12 days differentiated BCRP-overexpressing MDCKII cells. BCRP is a high-capacity efflux transporter with broad substrate specificity.


A mucous-secreting Ready-To-Use Kit for intestinal absorption evaluation. It is also used for assessing intestinal permeability of new oral drugs in in vitro preclinical studies.

PreadyTake MATE1

A Ready-To-Use kit for in vitro drug transporter evaluation. Drug-transporter interactions involving MATE1 may compromise drug renal clearance and biliary excretion.

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