Adari Cell Science provides unique Cell Based and Ready-To-Use kits to advance the preclinical ADME phase of drug development.

Read-To-Use Kits for Drug Discovery

Adari Cell Science in partnership with ReadyCell (Barcelona) provides Cell Based Assays to US and Canadian companies and institutions. Readycell’s patented shipping medium allows for these kits to be shipped at room temperature with excellent stability.


Innovative Kits

Our tools are innovative cell-based and ready-to-use kits for efficacy and safety testing of active molecules as an alternative to animal testing for drug discovery.

Unique Shipping

Thanks to our Shipping Medium, a gel-like preservation matrix, we send Cell Based Kits at room temperature.

Our Product Line


A Cell Based Ready-To-Use kit for in vitro intestinal absorption evaluation.

PreadyPort MDR1

PreadyPort MDR1

Mosdel the net transport events of fluid compartment barriers

PreadyPort BCRP

Study the interaction of drugs with the BCRP transporter


A mucous secreting Ready-To-Use Kit for intestinal absorption evaluation

PreadyTake MATE1

A Ready-To-Use kit for in vitro drug transporter evaluation.